Counseling for Groups

Our Groups will help you to:

  • Develop skills to improve your relationships through better communication
  • Learn ways to overcome depressive thinking and lower stress and anxiety
  • Develop skills to defuse anger and develop compassion for yourself and others
  • Recognize unhealthy patterns and behaviors in your life
  • Create greater satisfaction in your life and relationships
  • Unleash blockages that prevent you from being your true self
  • Develop, set and keep boundaries with others and improve self-confidence
  • Learn how to ask for and receive the support/help you need from others
  • Retrain you brain with focused awareness and exercises

Please call 503.827.3644 or email us to inquire about or sign up for a group.

Recovery from Addiction

We address not just abstinence from alcohol, drugs, gambling, and overeating, but how to live in recovery. This involves understanding what needs the substance/behavior is meeting and developing healthy ways to meet those needs. Feedback from other members is supportive and insightful in developing awareness of self-defeating patterns of behavior and how to remedy these.

Co-Dependent No More

The focus of the group is on realistic boundary setting inside of a relationship. Group members learn how to tolerate uncomfortable feelings as they risk asking for what they want. Themes of recovery from living with an alcoholic, addict, depressive or otherwise difficult partner are explored. Laughter at oneself and enjoyment of the world are also cultivated. This has been an ongoing group for the last 25 years with changing membership.

Goals Group

A 10-week group focused on overcoming obstacles that get in the way of your goals. Members have specific goals and use the group to provide insight and accountability to develop the steps needed to achieve success. Specific goals vary from weight loss and weight maintenance, development of a regular exercise habit, finding a better job, expanding your business, moderating your use of alcohol/drugs when it is not a compulsion to developing and maintaining healthier friendships.

A group on the use of breathing techniques and meditation to deal with anxiety is also being developed.

Please call 503.827.3644 or email us to inquire about or sign up for a group.

Schedule An Appointment

Please call our office at 503.827.3644 to schedule an appointment. Feel free to contact us in the meantime with any other questions. We accept BlueCross BlueShield and Kaiser Permanente insurance.

A group being counseled at Counseling on Burnside