Counseling for Individuals

Therapy is an invitation to a journey of deeper understanding about (1) how your current behavior is connected to your experience growing up and (2) how you can change those actions and thoughts to resolve current problems and create a more fulfilling life. But remember, it takes a commitment to yourself and courage to explore your assumptions and expectations. To benefit from therapy, you must be an active participant.

Crisis such as conflict with an important person in your life is often the reason why someone calls for therapy. Therapy is a way to talk through these problems with a trained listener who can assist you in coming to your best solutions. Talking out your problems helps you work through and understand patterns that keep you repeating the same hurtful behaviors. When your ability to cope is overpowered by anger, anxiety, depression, guilt or sorrow, we offer compassionate support, insights and problem-solving skills to help you develop a fresh perspective.

Trauma rewires our brain to be constantly scanning the environment for potential threats. It raises our baseline anxiety level & causes our endocrine system to pump out stress related chemicals. Whenever we are triggered we react to each threat as if our survival was at stake. We lose our ability to think rationally & have compassion for ourselves and others. We become defensive, reactive and for many of us obsessive or compulsive. Your therapist can help you to recognize and develop practices that over time will retrain & rewire your brain. You can regain your sense of perspective as well as being more spontaneous and engaged in your life.

A typical session lasts 50 minutes and most are weekly or every other week.

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